Hurriyet Chairwoman: Attacks can’t discourage us, never will

Istanbul, Sep 10 () - Vuslat Doğan Sabancı, Chairwoman of daily Hurriyet that had been recently attacked by protesters two times in 48 hours, has made a press statement in front of the door that was pelted with stones at the main building located in Istanbul, on Sep. 10.

Sabancı has urged, “The problem does not consist of a door and three windows which had been pelted. This is a question of freedom of information, involving journalists whom others attempt to silence” having declared that attacks could never intimidate them.

The press statement of Sabancı, supported by her sisters Arzuhan Doğan Yalçındağ, Hanzade Doğan Boyner and Begümhan Doğan Faralyalı, has been as follows:

“Our country passes through hard times. We feel hurt, our feelings are wounded. Dozens fall martyr every day. Our brothers, sons, lives are gone. Violence hits streets, knocks our doors, reminding the darkest days of the history.

Unfortunately, a discriminative language pointing others as targets and fanning the flame of violence has started to prevail in our country.

Today, we, as the Dogan Group and Hurriyet employees, are in the presence of you with support of millions of our audience, to resist against this terror, language of violence.

As you all know, on Sunday an attack has been held to this building that we stand in front of. Our door has been broken; people have attempted to enter our building.

We were affronted, threatened by a crowd, including a parliamentary deputy and former head of the youth organization among them.

Following the attack, we were told, “Get use to these attacks”.

As people trying to do their jobs and broadcast properly, we were taught to what we should get used, the next night.

That’s true, last night, publicly, we were attacked for the second time.

“We have been pointed as targets”

Why did this happen? There is only one reason: We are being pointed as target. My father Aydın Doğan, in particular, journalists, columnists, executives have been pointed as targets for a long time, with lies and slanders.

“We have always taken a stand against terror”

They have been maligning us with horrible accusations that “We supported terror”. There is no need to explain where we have been standing in the last 67 years, as a media organization that had lost its chief editor to terror, and has been exposed to terrorist attacks.

We have always taken a stand against PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) terror and any kinds of terrorism, no matter who they are, and we always will.

Furthermore, no one has the right to question our patriotism.

In 48 hours, two different attacks have been launched. These two attacks are a part of the systematic smear and deterrence campaign that has been resumed for a while against the Dogan family.

“There is a special effort to sentence us”

As the Dogan Group, we have been in a great struggle. First, we have faced a tax penalty with a precedent that no one has seen before. The lawsuits we had already won are being forced to be reopened. There is a special effort to sentence us.

To point a family as target with lies and made-up accusations- that has achieved to be the highest tax payer- with numerous awards, with “oil smuggling”, “tax fraud” and terrorism is not something to be accepted by any logic, any conscience.

“Reason of the attacks is our independent approach to journalism”

We know the reason of this attack: It is our independent approach to journalism. Our audience, supporters should know that these raids, violent attacks, attempt to suppress us, cannot fear us, and never will.

We have single objective: to convey information to our audience in the fastest and accurate way. We will continue with the same determination.

Responsible media with independent and moral values is a must for media and democracies. It is the light over the darkness. This is not only the problem of Dogan Group and daily Hurriyet. This is an issue of our nation’s freedom and peace, the future of our democracy. The problem is not of an attack against a door, three windows. This is a question involving journalists, who are working for the public’s rights for being informed, forced to be silenced.

“We are not afraid; one cannot do journalism with fear”

We are not afraid because one cannot do journalism with fear. If we don’t do journalism, we would be taking back your liberty [Hürriyet in English]. No one has the right to take away your freedom, at this time of violence and terror, were you all feel alone and hopeless, while children are being left orphan.

Terror is a crime against humanity. We shouldn’t fall into trap against the chaos and fight against brotherhood that terror wants to boost.

I’d like to express my condolences to our nation, the relatives, children left orphan of the martyrs and citizens who had lost their lives over the rising violence and terror attacks.”


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