Myra and Andriake ancient site excavation give start for 2015

Ahmet Acar / Antalya, July 30 () - In Demre district of southern resort province of Antalya, this years’ excavation works have began, between the Myra Ancient Site and Andriake Port.

The excavations on the area, where one of the six most important ancients sites of Lycian Union lie, have been kicked off in 2009, by a team led by Professor Nevzat Çelik from the Akdeniz University Faculty of Arts Archaeology Department. In the last two years, a team from Erzurum University’s Archaeology Department led by Professor Nurettin Öztürk has taken over the excavation works.

The team consisting of nine scientists, including supporters from France, 26 archaeology students and four workers, will be pursuing their excavations at the Calidarium (hot room) part of ancient Roman bath. The Roman bath dates back to the 2nd century in the c.e. The team will also unearth artefacts in front of the Andriake Port’s Granarium (grain storage) part. In September, the works will be focusing on the Myra Castle.

Proffesor Nurettin Öztürk added that the works have been carried on with a 7-8 meters-long barrier covered with alluvion, on an alluvion filling.

The history of Myra Ancient site dates back to B.C. 5th and 6nd centuries. The site has won a name as a metropol of the Lycian Union, where the Santa Claus had lived and left his grave.

With its theatre that can host 13,800 people, along with its rock-cut tombs, Myra Ancient City keeps attracting excavation workers, while surprising them with theatre masks unearthed during excavations. The ancient site has survived until today, even without any restorations.



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