(Video) Fooled by tele-swindler, collected gold and money from relatives

Fatih Karaçalı / Adana, Aug 11 ( ) - As a casual incident in Turkey, another swindle occurred in southeastern province of Adana. Muttalip Büyüknisan, a 50-year-old man was fooled by tele-swindlers and he collected gold and money from his relatives in a bag, then left it under a tree. His relatives realized that Büyüknisan was being cheated by 37-year old swindler, Şahin Orhan.

The offender Şahin Orhan has called Büyüknisan on the phone and introduced himself as a prosecutor. “A jewellery store was robbed in Adana. Upon our research, we revealed that you have a connection with this robbery! So, we will collect and inspect all the gold you have in your house. We will check if they match the stolen gold” said the swindler Orhan. Having got scared after this claim, Büyüknisan tried to explain he had no connection with the robbery.

The repartee swindler responded, “Do you revolt to the state? If you don’t have any, I’m sure your mother and sister and brothers have some. Maybe you gave the gold to them. Don’t worry, you are under the state’s assurance; we will give them back to you after the inspection.”

After a three-hours-long negotiation, Büyüknisan asked his mother and older sister to give their golden bracelets as loan. Along with 1,500 liras, he brought six bracelets to a park. Having followed the instructions of the swindler step-by-step, left them under a tree in the park.

Relatives of Büyüknisan called the police and gave his description, after losing contact with him and suspecting a fraud. Büyüknisan had to tell the story to the police, and they catched Orhan red-handed, while walking near the park with the bag in his hand. Orhan, with a rich criminal record, was detained by the police.

“They tricked me at such a way that I did everything they have said. They spoke to me on the phone for hours. They told me that they were following me on satellite! They were shouting me to hang up the phone when someone was calling me. I had to do everything they said” said Büyüknisan.



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