(Video) Irish-Kuwaiti tourist draws great interest on streets, having taken down a mob of shopkeepers in Istanbul

Murat Deliklitaş- Özgür Eren / Istanbul, Aug 28 () - The Kuwait-born Irish tourist, who has recently become a “hero” after he bet up a mob of shopkeepers having attacked him with stools and sticks and was captured on a video with this epic moment, told reporters that people have been taking pictures with him on the streets, and even apologizing him over the attack.

A video has gone viral in Turkey’s social media this week, showing a tourist, Mohammed Fadel Dobbous, attacked by around 15 shopkeepers, as a dispute turned into a fight when the owner of a shop threatened the tourist, after he accidently toppled water bottles in the shop’s refrigerator. The tourist has been declared a hero, after he reacted and bet up the mob all by himself, with professional boxing moves, in Istanbul’s Aksaray neighbourhood. 

“I love Turkey. I have no bad feelings for anyone. The incident is nothing short of a mishap” said Dobbous, adding that he has been suffering to get use to all the interest coming from the public in Turkey.

“People keep asking to have a picture with me. Some Turks apologize, say ‘We are very sorry for the indicent’. They seem to feel shame. People, of course, are not happy that Turkey has been brought to agenda with an example of violence” added Dobbous.

The “online hero” of Turkey has also revealed he was not a professional boxer.” I work out at the gym just like other people. What happened was nothing beyond a self-defense. Because I was totally right... so I wasn’t afraid. Is this incident sparking because of a bottle of water normal? I’d pay for it, so what! You don’t have to commit violence against me, or anyone else” said the tourist, having been likened to dozens of fictional figures such as Jackie Chan and the Hulk.

Lawyer of Dobbous, Gökhan Cindemir told they are to file a complaint against the offenders, declaring there could have been risk of been killed by the attackers, and stating his client has faced unjust suffering.


Video Stream
- Interview with Mohammedi Fadel Dobbous
- Interview with Mohammedi Fadel Dobbous' lawyer Gökhan Cindemir
- General and detailed footage



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