(Video) Police officer beats kiosk owners for "selling alcohol off retail license"

Ergün Ayaz - Orhan Uzun / Aug 26 () - In Kartepe district of Izmit, 49-year-old Güler Sezgin, owner of an off-license kiosk said she has been beaten by a police officer along with her husband, after the officer has accused them for selling alcohol during ban hours.

According to Sezgin, the police officer has come to her kiosk around 23.30 p.m. and claimed there have been accusations that their market has been selling alcohol after the restriction hour.

Even if Güler Sezgin has told that these sorts of complaints have been made often and there were no clients in the kiosk, the dispute turned into a fight and the officer has bet her and her husband, while having damaged the kiosk, according to allegations.

“Eight months ago, the same officer has made me pay a penalty of 30,000 liras after having written a minute. He said I have been selling alcohol off license hours and there have been accusations. I told him people always make complaints. People have been even taking pictures of alcohol bottles. The officer threatened me with writing a minute. Then my husband told the police to leave the store, and said 'There are no clients in the kiosk as you see, get out of here.' The officer strangled my husband. He had a bypass surgery before. The officer slapped me and then kicked me when I told him to stop. Beer bottles scattered around. Another police car arrived in front of the kiosk, those officer also told me to shut up” said Sezgin.

While the woman went to state hospital for examination, the doctor did not give any assault report because she had no visible wound on her body, added Sezgin. The owners will be failing a complaint about the offender.


Video Stream
- Interview with Güler Sezgin
- People shopping at the kiosk



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