Chemical leak stopped after 5 hours in Tuzla industrial zone

Gülseli Kenarlı - Cemal Köyük - Ramazan Eğri / İstanbul, Aug 5 () – Chemical leak was blocked at the factory in Tuzla Leather Organized Industrial Zone, where a leak was spotted on a tanker. Brownish and yellowish smoke have been witnessed during the leak, while works of fire department staff have started at 10.30 and lasted for 5 hours until the leak was stopped.

With a buldozer, teams carried sand to the spot where the leak has occured. After the leak was prevented, evacuation works began, while reporters wore gas masks and ambulances stood by the scene.

Istanbul Municipality recently has made a statement declaring that the incident has stemmed from a perforation on a tanker filled with nitric acid and affirming that efforts continue to evacuate the chemical acid securely at a fast pace. This chemical has several side effects including to irritate human body, harm eyes and respiratory passages, according to the statement. No causalities were reported in the official statement.

Upon the leak, fire crew intervened and entered the point of leak in special uniforms protected against harming chemicals. Along with the operation in this critical part of the factory, severe security measures were taken in the scene. Workers in the factory and other surrounding buildings were evacuated from the area. Police has been making verbal warning while patrolling, stopping people from approaching the factory more than one kilometer.


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