(Video) Young woman announces her ex-boyfriend’s violence through blog

Engin Anakalanya / Antalya, Sep 2 () – A 22-year-old young woman, Kübra Yılmaz, announced her alleged ex-boyfriend’s violence by sharing the security camera recordings and photos showing moments she was beaten in her apartment’s entrance on her blog.

Yılmaz declared that security officers have not step up although she had filed complaints for several times, on her blog.

“He has not been taken to court for even once. I fear of being killed. I don’t have the courage to go to the courthouse, even to the market” said Yılmaz on her blog and urged, “If someone kills me, batter me or if I find myself in a montuary before I come home, recognize who my murderer was. Because the gendarmerie command where I’ve made complaints heaps of times has not taken this seriously and helped me."

Having told she has been living alone, studying in open education faculty and her family was living abroad, Yılmaz claimed her ex-boyfriend has been tracking her even if she had broken up with him, stealing her mobile and money, breaking into her apartment and taking her hostage.

“Since he is a probation officer and knows the commanders at gendarmerie, the commanders don’t help me. I can’t even go to the command because he keeps waiting for me outside” added the young woman.

She noted that she has asked for protection from the police station, but the officers have said “Why would you make a complaint, we will talk to him so he wouldn’t disturb you”, so she has not file a complaint.

The Contemporary Lawyers Association and the Alanya Board for Women’s Rights in Antalya Bar have started to research the allegations and declared they would file complaint against the gendarmerie end police department, if necessary.

Video Stream


- Security camera recordings showing the violence

- Yılmaz's pictures marking her wounds 



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